By Jena Williams

This, my friends, is the maiden article of the TIRES blog! We are hoping it fares better than the maiden voyage of the Titanic, however to assure success, we need you! Yes, that’s right! We want to hear from you, TIRES website readers, safety personnel, truck drivers, warehouse workers, company owners, union reps…All of you are needed to keep us on task, on topic and relevant.

What do we want to hear from you? — Anything and everything that is on your mind regarding keeping trucking industry workers safe and productive on the job. Just keep it polite and respectful. We’re all here to learn from each other and we all have good ideas to contribute. Check out the TIRES blog policy for more info.

We’ll be adding something new to the blog twice a week, usually on Tuesday and Friday, so come back often to see the latest in trucking safety, hear true stories from the road, or read how other truckers are coping with hazards.

For starters though, let’s open this blog with what you think is the most important topic that we should be addressing?