appleBy Jena Williams

The lack of healthy food choices for truckers on the road is a real problem. But it is an issue you can prepare for before even getting in your truck each day.

Meal plan, pack and bring your food. No time, you say? I bet there is!

While waiting for your load, during your mandatory rest period or during other down time, plan your meals and snacks. Make a grocery list and use it during your next trip to the store. Your body will be healthier and so will your wallet!

There are many web sites to help get you started. For example, check out

Don’t wait until you are hungry to make a decision about what to have for a meal. By then, it is often too late to make a wise choice. Instead, prepare in advance:

·         Chop some carrots, celery, cucumbers or apples.

·         Peel an orange.

·         Portion out a small serving of unsalted nuts.

·         Get an insulated lunch box and fill it with low-fat cheese sticks, salsa for dipping celery or cucumbers and add an ice pack.

·         Heat soup to bring in a thermos.

·         Make your favorite sandwich.

·         Popping your own low-salt and butter popcorn can be a good alternative to chips or French fries.

What have you found to be an easy, take-along meal or snack?