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Keep New Year’s resolutions simple, achievable

By Jena Williams

Since the question of the week will certainly be “So what’s your New Year’s resolution?” here’s some helpful advice from the Chicago Tribune on how to actually keep the resolution that you make.

Replacing the tattered 2011 calendar with a pristine 2012 version will inspire many of us to take stock of our lives and try to figure out how to be a better, richer, kinder, fitter person in the new year.

But it won’t happen without a firm plan… Read more

As important as it is to continually work to improve ourselves, I still appreciate Bill Watterson’s perspective.

Thank you to those who bring it!

Thank you!By Jena Williams

Whether you are a truck driver, a warehouse worker, a mechanic, a dispatcher, a company safety manager or owner – we appreciate you! Together your work brings us all the “stuff” that we count on to make our holidays brighter; food, gifts and décor. And some of you haul all the scraps away when the celebrations are complete. All of us here at TIRES appreciate your hard work. We are continuing our commitment to work with you to keep you safe in your job so you can go home to happy celebrations with your family.


Your Customer Site – making it safe for your drivers

By Jena Williams

Location of driver injuries

Trucking is a risky business. Few people would argue otherwise.

Danger at customer sites

Of 370 drivers interviewed by TIRES, 215 (58%) were injured
at customer sites. Clearly, reducing trucking-related injuries needs to involve those sites. But how, when the sites are outside the direct control of the truck driver’s employer?

Begin with your drivers. Make sure they know that their safety is your priority. Talk with them regularly about safety at the customer site. Ask about specific concerns that they may be having.

Communication is the key to improvement

It’s a tough economy and no one wants to risk losing a customer, but there are some ways you can address the topic of safe delivery bays without alienating your business. Make the situation a win/win for everyone involved.

  • Start with mutual purpose; you want to deliver to them quickly and efficiently.
  • Share your concerns regarding the delivery bay. Be specific.
  • Remind customers that safe deliveries keep their bays clear and suggest what you think would help improve safety for your drivers.
  • Ask if there is something you can do to help support your mutual purpose (expressed above.)
  • Thank your customer for their willingness to work with you to improve the safety of their bay for your drivers.

TIRES has developed checklists that may help you broach the subject with your customers.

Checklist option 1

Checklist option 2

The safety of your workers is a team investment — you, your workers, your customers.

Have you found a method of working with your customers to improve safety? What have you done to improve the safety of your delivery bay?

Do you see what I see?

By Jena Williams

White out caused by big rigThe white out caused by a passing big rig can temporarily blind a motorist or an entire line of motorists. You and the families on the road with you are more important than your cargo. Click this link for snowy driving tips.

What are your stories from the road related to winter driving? Do you have safety tips to share with other drivers? What do other motorists need to know about winter driving around big rigs?


HO! HO! HO! TIRES makes it on Santa’s NICE list!

By Jena Williams

In this cool simulation developed by TIRES, Santa demonstrates load tarping scenarios. What techniques do you use to reduce lifting and pulling of heavy tarps?

New CDL Changes

By Jena Williams

New CDL Changes


Baby It’s Cold Outside…

By Jena Williams

Pie of cold weather claimsMake sure you are wearing the right footwear for conditions. It may even be a good idea to invest in footwear traction devices for getting out of your truck to chain up.

TIRES recently published a short report on workers’ compensation claims associated with snow and ice. Click here to read more.

TIRES doesn’t want you to become a statistic. More information on preparing for winter weather can be found here.

What tricks of the trade do you use to prepare for severe weather?

Driver killed in fiery crash identified as Kent resident

By Jena Williams

Photo: Washington State Patrol

TUMWATER, Wash. — The driver of a semi truck killed in a fiery crash on I-5 Thursday morning has been identified as a 40-year-old Kent resident…

Driver killed this morning in semi-rollover in Tumwater

By Jena Williams

Driver killed this morning in semi-rollover in Tumwater

Waste haulers – Take your best shot!

By Jena Williams

Got a great pic from the landfill, transfer station or just something from along the route?

Waste Age wants you to show them the waste and recycling industry from your point of view. Collected Shots is your chance to share your photos of the waste management industry.

You can read more here.

But the folks at Waste Age aren’t looking for promotional shots of trucks, equipment or some spanking new facility.

They want you and your colleagues working the job, at industry events, volunteering in the community, the craziest items you’ve found at work or really just anything that you think reflects the waste and recycling business.

So, like we said, take your best shot and claim your 15 minutes of fame.