By Jena Williams

False! Motor vehicle collisions (MVC) cause a spectacular scene, but they do not impact your workers’ compensation costs nearly as much as other types of injuries.

TIRES examined data from injured Washington trucking industry workers from 2006-2010 and found the following:

The majority of injuries (36.8%) are soft tissue injuries to the muscles tendons and joints. Injuries from MVC account for only 7.1% of injuries.

 Although MVC tend to be severe (median time loss days = 20), falls from elevation are more severe (median time loss days = 25). The median cost of a fall from elevation claim is also higher than that of all other claims ($8,895.)


Clearly, elimination of all injuries is the goal, but it is important to consider the numbers. Put your safety training money on preventing the most common and costly injuries. That will truly be a good investment.

The safety training materials provided by TIRES on the web site are free for your use.  Together, we can prevent injuries in trucking!

*All costs are adjusted to 2009 dollars.