By Jena Williams

Location of driver injuries

Trucking is a risky business. Few people would argue otherwise.

Danger at customer sites

Of 370 drivers interviewed by TIRES, 215 (58%) were injured
at customer sites. Clearly, reducing trucking-related injuries needs to involve those sites. But how, when the sites are outside the direct control of the truck driver’s employer?

Begin with your drivers. Make sure they know that their safety is your priority. Talk with them regularly about safety at the customer site. Ask about specific concerns that they may be having.

Communication is the key to improvement

It’s a tough economy and no one wants to risk losing a customer, but there are some ways you can address the topic of safe delivery bays without alienating your business. Make the situation a win/win for everyone involved.

  • Start with mutual purpose; you want to deliver to them quickly and efficiently.
  • Share your concerns regarding the delivery bay. Be specific.
  • Remind customers that safe deliveries keep their bays clear and suggest what you think would help improve safety for your drivers.
  • Ask if there is something you can do to help support your mutual purpose (expressed above.)
  • Thank your customer for their willingness to work with you to improve the safety of their bay for your drivers.

TIRES has developed checklists that may help you broach the subject with your customers.

Checklist option 1

Checklist option 2

The safety of your workers is a team investment — you, your workers, your customers.

Have you found a method of working with your customers to improve safety? What have you done to improve the safety of your delivery bay?