no zoneBy Jena Williams

When the TIRES project first started interviewing truck drivers, we found that one of your biggest fears is accidently killing another driver in the general motoring public. That’s because you understand the weight and force behind a big rig. Unfortunately, other motorists just don’t get it. They see all that room in front of you as an opportunity to get ahead, not as the safety cushion you need in order to not squish them like a bug.

Knowing this all too well, the FMCSA developed the No Zone Campaign in an effort to educate the general public to stay out of your way so you can do your job. Let’s get the word out by sharing this article with those you care about. In addition, if you had the ear of the general motoring public, what other information would you share with them?

More information can be found at US Dept. of Transportation FMCSA’s No Zone Campaign.

*Graphic courtesy of SafeNY, adapted from US DOT.