from Waste 360By Jena Williams

Eight hundred stops a day, lifting 40-62 pound containers at each stop. That’s a lot of lifting, awkward postures and repetition. Recently, Waste 360, published a study on the ergonomic risk factors associated with Waste Hauling. They noted that waste needs to be collected, but were hopeful that studying how it is done could lead to improvements in safety and efficiency.

Not unexpectedly, they found that workers would prefer automated equipment to eliminate lifting. The researchers used ergonomic software to study the differences between tasks required to operate automated equipment, semi-automated, and manual. They found that dumping a container was the riskiest task and actually exceeds federal guidelines.

Workers in this study needed frequent reminders about how to lift safer. Remind your employees to think about their posture and to avoid twisting their body. In this study, they found lifting imporperly was equal to 784 pounds of compressive force on the low back, for each lift!

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