In cab workoutBy Jena Williams

This trucker found a way and is willing to share it with you. Check out Todd McCann’s blog and scroll down to see his “How to do a full body workout in the cab of your semi” video.

He’ll show you how it’s done. All you need to bring to the table is some motivation. Oh, not the “M” word! Motivation. How does one get motivated to start a lifelong commitment to better health?

The book Influencer* discusses how motivation alone isn’t enough to change habits, but that you can be successful in motivating yourself to attain your goals if you make sure that the six forces of influence in your life aren’t undermining you. These include:

·         Personal Motivation (Values)

·         Personal Ability (Skills)

·         Social Motivation (Support)

·         Social Ability (Teamwork)

·         Structural Motivation (Incentives)

·         Structural Ability (Environment)

The idea is that willpower will never be enough if you don’t address all the little things that will trip you up. Like if the candy bowl is in easy reach, you are more likely to eat it than if it is put away. Even better, you are less likely to eat junk food if it’s not in the house at all. For the cab, take the time to pack healthy snacks that you eat at regular intervals. That way you won’t choose unhealthy foods when you are overly hungry.

Are your friends supportive of your plan to get healthy or will they sabotage you to keep you like them? You may need to talk with them about your goals and ask for their support. Or better yet, find someone to partner with you to exercise. Schedule a phone call at a specific time to report back on your workout.

Although we won’t address all six sources of influence in this blog post, the book gives some great examples that you can apply to your own circumstances. Check out some of these videos to see how the influencer model works.

*Patterson, Kerry, et al. Influencer, New York: McGraw-Hill, 2008.