Memorial to deceased worker

By Jena Williams

OSHA (the Occupational Health and Safety Administration) is seeking comments from employers, workers, and all others who are interested in how to prevent worker injuries and deaths from vehicle backovers.

 You are in the field. You have seen the close calls or maybe even lost a friend or co-worker. This is your opportunity to share your knowledge and help to prevent future injuries and deaths. Tell OSHA what needs to be done, what works and what doesn’t work. Take on the solution.

 Click here to view the Request for Information (RFI) on vehicle backovers. There are two dockets that are part of this RFI. One is about injuries related to reinforcing concrete and the other is injuries related to backing operations. For more detailed information about the request, click here or on the hyperlink “Request for Information” in the first sentence of the OSHA announcement or go to the Federal Register!home  and type in the search box docket number OSHA-2010-0059.

In addition to telling OSHA, will you share your knowledge with us by commenting below? TIRES wants to prevent all backover injuries so we do not lose another trucking industry worker. Tell us what you know and we will develop training materials to get the message out.

Link to OSHA’s RFI

Read and remember this tragic case from Washington. This was a runover, not a backover, however, solutions will overlap. We do not want this to happen again!