Worker Memorial BellBy Jena Williams

April 28, 2012, was Worker Memorial Day, and many of us stopped to remember those lost on the job in 2011. As important as it is to recognize a day to remember, we also need to keep the battle moving forward. It’s not just on April 28 that we should remember safety, but each and every day of the year because according to the U.S. Department of Labor, America loses 12 workers a day.

That means that each day 12 families are devastated. Twelve companies lose a valued worker, whose co-workers shut down in shock and grief. Twelve funerals are planned. Twelve needlessly, senselessly, don’t come home – each and every day of the year. Twelve too many. Remember the fight for safer jobs each day of the year. Work Safe, Home Safe. Live by that motto.

Washington workers – we appreciate you, especially those who bring it!

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PHOTO: Worker Memorial Bell at Washington State Department of Labor & Industries.