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And the Winners Are…. (drum roll please)

By Jena Williams

The winners of the 2012 Washington Trucking Associations Truck Driving Championship are:

Grand Champion  Lisa Bry with The Boeing Co

Rookie of the Year  Andrew Mulbry  with LTI

Pre-trip Award   Brad Harlan with Fed EX Ground

Harry Fletcher Award  Gary Bolen with The Boeing Co (This award is determined by the drivers voting for the driver they think shows the best skills and professionalism.)

3 Axle

First Place David Alcaraaz, Conway Freight

Second Place Michael Mygatt, The Boeing Co

Third Place Benjamin Middleton, Conway Freight

 4 Axle

First Place Christopher Bates, Washington Closure

Second Place Scott Henrickson, Conway Freight

Third Place Anthony Guerrero, Fed Ex Freight

5 Axle

First Place Gary Herrygers, The Boeing Co

Second Place Dan Aff, Peninsula

Third Place Gary Ackerson, SuperValu


First Place Robert Dean, Conway Freight

Second Place Jeffrey Maas, The Boeing Co

Third Place Linda Nodland, Leavitts


First Place Roy Garcia, Peninsula

Second Place Chuck Snowdon, The Boeing Co

Third Place Anthony Norris, Walmart

Step Van

First Place Everett Todd, Fed Ex Ground

Second Place Robert Hinds, Fed Ex Ground

Third Place Eder Ballen, Fed Ex Ground

Straight Truck

First Place Lisa Bry, The Boeing Co

Second Place Jason Falk, Conway Freight

Third Place John Hnatishin, The Boeing Co


First Place Victor Skoglund, Fed Ex Freight

Second Place William Shaunghnessy, Conway Freight

Third Place Andrew Mulbry, LTI


First Place Johnny Malone, Safeway

Second Place Josh Jenkin, Peninsula

Third Place Chris Poynor, Conway Freight

Winners in each category will go on to compete at the National Truck Driving Championships hosted by the American Trucking Associations, August 7-11 in Minneapolis, MN.

What an honor! Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all the participants.

Washington Trucking Associations’ Truck Driving Championships

By Jena Williams

Saturday morning was cold, windy and raining for the WTA’s Truck Driving Championship. But hey – that’s really perfect weather to show that you can drive in Washington! Tough truckers and their families stood in the rain to support their drivers and TIRES was there to share safety simulations.

Winners were announced at the event, and as soon as the results are released for publishing, TIRES will post a list of the winners on this blog so check back soon! Congratulations to the winners, contestants and families. It’s the highlight of our year to get out and meet you in person. Also glad that Washingtonians are too tough to let a little rain keep them from a great event with friends and family!

Link to WTA:

Links to TIRES safety simulations:

Slip, fall:


Don’t jump!

If you had a 50 percent chance of losing your job…what would you do to save it?

Injured worker

By Jena Williams

This scary statistic looms before workers who are too injured to return to their jobs within six months. Financial insecurity becomes a very real threat in addition to physical pain with statistics showing that 50 percent will never return to the job of injury and are unlikely to ever regain the salary and benefits they once enjoyed if they do not return.

June 15, 2012 is the one-year anniversary of the Washington State Labor & Industries Stay at Work program, which has kept 1,200 seriously injured workers at their employer of injury, while at the same time reducing the financial burden of light-duty work or specialized equipment on employers. Research shows that workers who stay at work with their employer-of-injury performing light duty have much better outcomes than those who stay on workers’ compensation until they are recovered enough to return to their jobs. Ultimately, it saves the company money too because the workers’ compensation claims are lower and employee morale is higher.

Stay at Work and everyone wins. If your company has a seriously injured worker, check into Stay at Work to see how the program can financially help your company return the worker to gainful employment.

About Stay at Work program:

One-year anniversary of Stay at Work program press release:

Where would you like to park?

By Jena Williams

The Missouri Department of Transportation is using grant money to develop additional truck parking spots along a congested route of I-70 in that state. TIRES has heard from Washington companies and drivers that finding a safe, convenient place to park during your break time can be a real challenge. If Washington were to receive funding for additional parking spots for trucks, where would you like to see them put? Is there an area along your route where parking is particularly difficult?

Link to article on Missouri DOT:

Traditional exercise? Take a hike!

By Jena Williams

I know most of you truck drivers and warehouse workers out there are much tougher than I am because I have a hard time making myself go outside in the rain. And I know you work in it all the time… but for those of you who also are challenged by getting outdoor exercise in rainy Washington, have you developed solutions to get exercise without getting wet?

This guy did! He found a way to rig his exercise bike to power Super Mario Kart. Now he can justify video game playing as exercise! Check it out!

Yeah, I know there are lots of gaming systems where you can supposedly get exercise like the Kinect, Wii or next new gaming system. But I’d really like to hear about the non-conventional ideas you have found. Especially since my sons convinced me that the Wii would be great exercise, yet I always find them sitting on the couch while playing it….hmmmm – how’d that guy rig the exercise bike?