By Jena Williams

I know most of you truck drivers and warehouse workers out there are much tougher than I am because I have a hard time making myself go outside in the rain. And I know you work in it all the time… but for those of you who also are challenged by getting outdoor exercise in rainy Washington, have you developed solutions to get exercise without getting wet?

This guy did! He found a way to rig his exercise bike to power Super Mario Kart. Now he can justify video game playing as exercise! Check it out!

Yeah, I know there are lots of gaming systems where you can supposedly get exercise like the Kinect, Wii or next new gaming system. But I’d really like to hear about the non-conventional ideas you have found. Especially since my sons convinced me that the Wii would be great exercise, yet I always find them sitting on the couch while playing it….hmmmm – how’d that guy rig the exercise bike?