Injured worker

By Jena Williams

This scary statistic looms before workers who are too injured to return to their jobs within six months. Financial insecurity becomes a very real threat in addition to physical pain with statistics showing that 50 percent will never return to the job of injury and are unlikely to ever regain the salary and benefits they once enjoyed if they do not return.

June 15, 2012 is the one-year anniversary of the Washington State Labor & Industries Stay at Work program, which has kept 1,200 seriously injured workers at their employer of injury, while at the same time reducing the financial burden of light-duty work or specialized equipment on employers. Research shows that workers who stay at work with their employer-of-injury performing light duty have much better outcomes than those who stay on workers’ compensation until they are recovered enough to return to their jobs. Ultimately, it saves the company money too because the workers’ compensation claims are lower and employee morale is higher.

Stay at Work and everyone wins. If your company has a seriously injured worker, check into Stay at Work to see how the program can financially help your company return the worker to gainful employment.

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