By Jena Williams

Reading this blog article on the myths or stereotypes associated with truck driving got me thinking of conversations I’ve overheard or even been a part of over the years. Although the topics were not necessarily the same, the lack of appreciation was the same…Comments like “Wow, what’s with all the trucks on the road? They are really messing up traffic.”  Comments like this were probably made while driving to the store to buy stuff brought by trucks.

That said, I am older and wiser now. As someone who has trouble backing a mini-van, I recognize you work a job that there is no way I could ever do. I appreciate the hard work you do to keep our economy going and that you have to stay physically healthy to do it. Thank you truck drivers for your all you do, the long hours you put in and all the family time you’ve missed to make those deadlines.

Is there something that we can do to improve the public’s impression of trucking and to help them understand the importance of the trucking industry? Please share your ideas in the comments below.

Link to Three Myths about the Trucking Industry posted by Larry Ehl: