Warning signBy Jena Williams

I recently attended an informational seminar by DOSH (Washington State OSHA program) consultation services given to trucking industry leaders. The question was asked, “What is the most common issue that you see at trucking companies?”

The response surprised me.

“Wheels not chocked at loading docks or when being loaded or unloaded by forklifts.”

Wow! Having read the claims of workers killed by run-away trucks or from falls from the loading dock, I can see why this measure is so important.

Washington state law requires chocks or mechanical equipment to be used in addition to the parking brake to assure that the truck and trailer unit cannot move away from the dock. Seems pretty simple to me, but since it is commonly not being done, there must be some barriers.

What do you see as barriers to chocking wheels? What can be done to remind drivers to chock their tires?

We know people get killed when heavy machinery rolls such as in this true story: http://www.keeptruckingsafe.org/safetymaterials/90402009.pdf and in this true story: http://www.keeptruckingsafe.org/safetymaterials/90302009.pdf

DOSH consultation is a free program that your company can use to improve safety.