Would you like to add a new twist to your safety training? One that actually gets your employees involved?

Studies show that we are all more likely to “buy in” to something if we are involved in the development.

This is exactly the advantage that “Safer Drivers – Workers Training Workers” is using to improve safety training traction at trucking companies.

The plan is to train respected workers within your organization to be responsible for the safety training of colleagues. When respected peers are reminding you to do something a certain way, you are more likely to listen.

I bet now you’re thinking … so what’s the bottom line? What’s it going to cost?

The answer may surprise you – this training program is being supported by a grant from the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries’ Safety and Health Investment Projects, so it will only cost you the time of two employees for two days.

These workers will come back with a year’s worth of weekly safety materials and the knowledge to present it in simple 15-minute sessions.

What if your workers are not part of the union? Although the organization that earned the grant is the Teamsters/AGC Training Center, this organization is separate from the union. According to Tom George, one of the trainers, “We simply want to keep Washington’s truck drivers safe. Since the training is funded by the state and not the union, it’s open to everyone, union or not.”

The sessions are being held all over the state on a first come, first served basis.

Call Tom George at 509-545-8297 or check out the website at www.teamsterstraining.org.


Learn about qualifying for a SHIP grant: http://www.lni.wa.gov/Safety/Topics/AtoZ/Grants/default.asp