By Jena Williams

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We are continually bombarded with topics to be aware of.  In October we have Domestic Violence Awareness, Eye Injury Prevention, National Breast Cancer Awareness, National Bullying Prevention… The list goes on. All worthy causes to be sure, but it makes me dizzy just trying to keep up.

One might think, “So what. Why do I need to know about all these topics of the month, week or day?” Well, the truth of the matter is, you may not need to know. Unless of course it affects you or someone you love, then you do need to know because by knowing, you can potentially contribute to a better outcome.

Okay, so just what am I getting at? As is normally the case in this blog, it swings full circle back to trucking, specifically trucking safety. By knowing about safety, by being aware of the risks and avoiding them, you can create a better outcome for your life and contribute to bettering the lives of those you love who are counting on you.

To have trucking as a lifelong career, you must be aware of the actions you can take to be as safe on the job as possible. TIRES works to raise awareness that:

Truck drivers know better than anyone that awareness is essential while driving. Being aware of that passenger vehicle that’s been riding in your blind spot…Now where’d he go???

TIRES would also like to make the motoring public aware of how they can make your job safer. Do you have ideas of how we can help to raise awareness to make the roads safer for trucks? Please comment below with your ideas. TIRES is here to support you in raising awareness every day of the year. Let’s do what we can to achieve the best outcomes for you and your family.

More safety training materials:

National Health Awareness Center has a calendar of awareness topics.