By Jena Williams


Today many of us are recovering from a four-day weekend full of turkey, stuffing, gravy, and pumpkin pie. Black Friday shopping ensued either in person or online. We drove hours to visit loved ones and watched the game on a big screen. We relaxed, shopped, cooked, cleaned, visited and decorated. For all of this, we can thank truckers. They brought the turkey, the cranberries, the big sale items, the coffee beans that fueled the late nights and early mornings, the gas for our cars…

Their work continues, as in response to Cyber Monday, we look forward to truckers delivering packages to our doors or to those of our loved ones. Yeah, yeah, the loss leaders may be gone, but mainly, everything we need will be available to us because of truck drivers.

We depend on truckers, warehouse workers, dispatchers and all the others in the background to make our holiday traditions continue. Few of these dedicated workers get to enjoy much time off and their families sacrifice as well.  We normally don’t consider the hard work and hours put in by others to deliver all the essentials (and not so essentials) to our stores and homes. Yet they are vital to our economy, our family get-togethers and our traditions.

Keep up the good work truckers! We do appreciate you. Today and every day, I am thankful for truckers. Who or what are you thankful for?

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