By Jena Williams

As you may or may not know, we at TIRES are working to decrease injuries in trucking. We gather information from multiple sources to try to determine what causes injuries so that we can prevent similar situations in the future. We talk to employers, injured workers, opinion leaders, star performers, associations, labor representatives and are guided by our amazing steering committee.

We gather all the data – hard data and observational data to develop training materials and reminders to keep workers safe. We hope you use them in your safety trainings. We also hope you’ll share with us what you already know and have learned from experience. For example:

  • What are your most pressing concerns?
  • What topics are we missing?
  • What can we do to help you and your co-workers to be safe in your work?

One of the issues that continues to plague us is how to keep you safe from falls from a load. An ironic injury just came to our attention. It involved a 45-year-old car hauler who was injured while cleaning his windshield. This driver was stopped at a gas station and had climbed the tire to clean the bugs off his windshield. As he stepped down, his foot landed on, then slipped off the curb behind him, fracturing his ankle. This driver pointed out the irony of the injury considering he climbs all over his 14-foot load securing vehicles into position every day. If a 6-inch slip can fracture an ankle, what might a 14-foot fall do?

If you were a construction worker working on a roof, you’d be required to wear fall prevention gear. The same is true if you were a tree trimmer. But a truck driver parked in or near a busy street has little to no fall protection. What do you do to stay safe and to keep from falling? Please share your ideas in the comments below so we can pass them on to other workers.

Link to info on fall prevention: