By Jena Williams

You gotta love the enthusiasm of drivers. The pride in their rigs, their patriotism, the way they care for others. I know it’s a stereotype, and not all are so caring, but time and again I’m impressed by those in the industry.

In a show of pride in their rig, father and son team, Pat and Nolan Rabey, decked it out in 15,500 lights for the Montesano Festival of Lights. Beautiful!

Each year companies and drivers donate $100 per truck and a day of work time for the privilege of driving in the World’s Largest Truck Convoy to benefit the Special Olympics. In an economy like ours, that is very generous.

Hero drivers help kids, stranded motorists and each other.

I recently heard about a frostbite injury to a driver because he and another driver helped each other chain up. His fingers froze after 3 hours in the freezing weather. (Good plug to remember to put extra gloves in your truck.)

If you have a photo of your rig deck out, send it to me at and I will see that it is added to this blog post. Drive safe out there!

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