By Jena Williams


Many of us will be celebrating Christmas Eve with family and friends tonight. I for one don’t want to forget the truck drivers who brought everything we need for the festivities. Thank you to all the truck drivers, dispatchers, warehouse workers, and mechanics for getting all the goods here on time. And thank you waste haulers and recycle haulers for taking away the mess afterwards.

I hope you are home with your families to celebrate the holidays, but if you are not, tell us in the comments below where you are so we can appreciate what you’ve given up for us.

Many of us are also traveling for the holidays. Give trucks lots of room. Use this guide to learn about blind spots around trucks. If you can’t see the driver in his or her mirror, the driver cannot see you either.

Please be safe out on the roads so you can get to those holiday events in one piece.

And for those of you who doubt there is a Santa Claus, we have proof:

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