By Jena Williams

Here’s your opportunity to get involved in safety regulations that may impact the industry. This week OSHA is holding the first round of meetings on preventing back-over injuries and fatalities. According to the OSHA web page statistics, in our nation, semi-trucks were involved 40 back-over fatalities from 2005-2010. That is second only to dump trucks.

Washington lost a truck driver in 2009 who was backed-over by a hostler tractor.

Noisy yards, poor lighting, communication break-downs, inattention, being rushed…many issues may contribute to a back-over injury or fatality. Those who work in the field know best what might be implemented to correct these and other issues.

It’s your turn to be the voice for change and to contribute your expertise. Take the time to unofficially poll workers at your company on what their suggestions might be, both for your yard and at other work locations and what topics they might suggest for discussion at the stakeholder meeting.

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