By Jena Williams and Randy Clark

Nine truck drivers died traumatically on the job in 2012. Nine lives too many. Each of these men was dedicated to his trade and is greatly missed by friends and family. Nine companies endured the loss of a treasured driver.

This blog post honors those drivers and recommits us to the TIRES mission to prevent injuries in Washington’s trucking industry.

The TIRES team wants to take this opportunity to remind trucking industry workers that we appreciate the value you add to our state and the work you do to keep our economy rolling.

Thank you for your hard work and please be safe out there.

Please use the comment section below to remember these drivers and post well wishes.

Gary Teal, 59, Truck Driver

Died: January 5, 2012

Mr. Teal’s raincoat became entangled in the spinning drive shaft of the power-take-off (PTO) shaft underneath his tanker trailer.

Harold Malcolm, 44, Truck Driver

Died: February 11, 2012

Mr. Malcolm was driving a fuel tanker on a state highway when his vehicle struck debris in the road, causing the vehicle to leave the road, rollover, and catch fire.

Jerrold Hughart, 70, Truck Driver

Died: August 15, 2012

Mr. Hughart was driving a loaded gravel truck when his vehicle left the road at a corner and crashed.

Mark Webb, 49, Truck Driver

Died: September 3, 2012

Mr. Webb’s septic tank truck crashed when he missed a turn in the road.

Steban Carr, 44, Truck Driver

Died: September 4, 2012

Mr. Carr was driving a truck carrying fertilizer when his vehicle crashed after missing a curve in the road.

Roger Atkins, 60, Truck Driver

Died: September 21, 2012

Mr. Atkins was driving a semi-trailer truck when it left a state highway and crashed.

James Dorsett, 38, Truck Driver

Died: September 24, 2012

Mr. Dorsett was driving a semi-trailer truck hauling wood chips when the vehicle traveling downhill left the road and rolled over.

Joseph Bartkowski, 68, Truck Driver

Died: November 4, 2012

Mr. Bartkowski was driving a fuel tanker truck that struck another vehicle which had crashed on an interstate highway.

Roger Warren, 64, Truck Driver

Died: December 12, 2012

Mr. Warren’s semi-trailer truck left a state highway off-ramp and crashed.