By Jena Williams

Actually, I don’t really care what’s in your wallet. I’m more interested in where you store it. Is it in your back pocket? It’s probably been there since you were sixteen.

I’m not trying to judge you as I carry around all my gear in a heavy purse. So I get the need to have essentials (and not so essentials) nearby. However my thought is that the wallet is messing with your posture all day!

Here’s my concern for you guys out there. What is that extra inch of cowhide doing to your spine? If you’ve been sitting lopsided your whole life…Has your back started hurting?

I’m not a physician so I can’t dispense medical advice, but I am curious about the topic.

If you have back pain, would you be willing to try not sitting on your wallet for a week or a month to see if your pain improves?

If you don’t have back pain, would you be willing to start putting your wallet somewhere else to prevent the possibility?

If you try it, check back and let me know in the comments if it worked or not.

Maybe this is something you’ve already tried. Let us know if it worked for you.

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