By Jena Williams


April Fools’ Day, spring fever, the sun finally coming out…All these things lift our spirits and make us want to maybe goof off a little extra.

Not to take the wind out of your sails, but I do want to remind you that as much as we all want to make our jobs as fun as possible, please remember to keep it safe too. Think through things to make sure no one will get hurt from joking or goofing around.

For example, don’t hide or in any way alter tools needed to do the job. Don’t tamper with other people’s food or drink as you may not be aware of dietary restrictions or allergies. Never create or leave slippery surfaces.

And please, if you notice that one person is bearing the brunt of the “jokes” or “teasing,” give them a break. There is a fine line between mutual goofing off with co-workers and one person becoming the butt of every joke. It stops being funny after a while.

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