By Jena Williams

I recently spoke with an injured worker (IW) who was run over, not once, but twice, by his coworker. Thankfully he was hit by the bumper and lift-gate and not run over by a tire – because then he wouldn’t be talking to anyone. The IW was the spotter and the other worker was the driver. The incident occurred when the driver did not wait until he could see the spotter before he began backing the truck and trailer.

As awful as the incident was, what is amazing to me is that the IW knew his co-worker was dangerous to work around before the incident even occurred. He had even joked to his employer that he needed hazard pay if he was going to work with the guy. Sad. Our IW has even had to work with the risk taker several times since the incident and on two occasions witnessed him hitting other things.

My question is…How prevalent is the scenario of having a known risk taker at a company? Do workers have increased fear of injury when working with certain co-workers?

Company management…Have your employees ever joked to you about hazard pay or risky coworkers? If they have, you might want to pay attention and consider increased training in the areas of concern, or discipline for the risk taker if they don’t change their ways. Even a very “productive” or super employee won’t mean much if they are responsible for injuries, time-loss, disability or fatalities to your other drivers and costs to the company’s bottom line.

Taking physical risks with yourself or others has no place at work.

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