By Jena Williams

This year, the National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is September 15-21. Even though we appreciate those “who bring it” all year, many companies are taking the opportunity this week to host special events to celebrate their drivers.

Will you be in Yakima, Washington this week? If so, be sure to stop in at the Gearjammer Truck Plaza*on Thursday the 19th for an event to celebrate drivers. They’ll be giving away burgers and prizes!

Many people don’t take the time to think about all the truck drivers out there whose job it is to bring us all we need in our daily lives. Truck drivers work much longer hours than most people, battle all kinds of weather on the roads and are hypervigilant drivers to protect those of us willing to risk our lives cutting them off in traffic. In the winter, they put tire chains on and off, sometimes multiple times a day, as they go over and back across the mountain passes. They are dedicated to doing good work and we truly appreciate them.

Do you have a story to tell about an awesome truck driver or trucking company? Please share it with us in the comments section. Employers – here’s your opportunity to brag about your drivers. We know you’ve got stories to tell.

Good stuff. Trucks Bring it. (Trucks driven by drivers!)

If you are not a driver, thank a driver. And give him/her a little extra space on the roads. Check out the No-Zone for more info:

Here’s a little something from to, well….Keep you safe!

*Gear Jammer Truck Plaza
2310 Rudkin Road
Yakima, Washington 98903-1609