By Jena Williams

Slip and fall injuries plague the trucking industry during the winter months. There are a variety of factors to look out for: An early freeze can take down drivers when they go to leave their cabs first thing in the morning as will a slippery patch in a lesser-used portion of the delivery bay.  Ice and darker conditions often combine to, well, make things more of a challenge.

The good news is that you can prepare to take the challenge head on and prevail!

Drivers – check the tread on your footwear for wear. Put away the cowboy boots and sneakers and bring out the work boots.

Employers – inspect your bays and parking areas. Fill potholes and keep icy areas sanded. Enforce proper footwear.

What has task, environment and footwear got to do with it? This interactive training shows how all three impact the friction needed to keep you on your feet. In other words:  fun, comedic training for injury prevention:

Need safety posters and tip sheets? is at your service:

Wear the footwear of the pros:

Don’t let your footwear get you down:

Inspect your boots:

Stay safe out there!