By Jena Williams

That was some of the best advice my dad ever gave me. It got me through many a high school and college course. (Note – teachers are great but sometimes their personalities get confused with the unsavory topics they are teaching!)

Opportunities to learn don’t end when you get out of school either. We learn from experience, colleagues, friends, family and bosses all of our lives. Some lessons are costly, but sometimes, if you are willing to step out of your comfort zone and grab an opportunity, they can be free.

Here’s your chance to grab that opportunity by sending representatives from your company to a free safety training so they can come back with the tools to train your entire team.  Some companies are discouraged because the class is taught by Teamsters Training. But as the title of this blog suggests, this is your opportunity to take my dad’s advice! Since this training is paid for by a SHIP* grant from Washington State’s L&I and not by union funds, there will not be a plug for union membership. You’ve got nothing to lose and can gain a lot!

Doug Stiffarm, Safety Director of Miles Resources in Puyallup, Washington agrees:

“What I appreciated most was that in just two days, we received valuable information, specific to the trucking industry, in a format that makes communicating the message easy for anyone. The information is visually appealing to draw drivers into the safety message. This is very important if an employer has shift drivers who cannot always attend a scheduled safety meeting. I think it’s a wonderful format and Miles Resources has implemented these training materials into our weekly drivers’ safety meetings.”

So what will you get?

The two day class is Safer Drivers: Workers Training Workers and covers both the new CSA program and 50 weeks’ worth of training using TIRES** training materials. Send a key driver that is respected by his or her peers and a safety representative and they will come back with the ability to train the rest of your team every week for a year in 15 minute intervals.

The grant is ending soon so take advantage of this last opportunity:

Spokane – November 12-13
Tukwila – November 20-21
Tacoma – December 4-5
Everett – December 11-12
Tukwila – December 18-19

We all have a common goal, which is keeping workers safe. So, if the training is great, go ahead and grab the opportunity!

For more information or to sign up call 509-545-8297 or These trainings are only in Washington State.

*Safety & Health Investment Projects. For information on how to apply for your own SHIP grant:

**Trucking Injury Reduction Emphasis.