By Jena Williams

Is it years of experience? Supportive management? A strong safety culture? Reputation? Yes, all these things are important, but the most important ingredients are the dedicated employees that make up the team.

Last Friday, I was privileged to have the opportunity to ride along with Jim Carter of Oak Harbor Freight Lines, Inc., to see firsthand how a truly professional truck driver gets it done. Jim’s been a truck driver for 25 years with the last two and half at Oak Harbor Freight Lines. Jim is meticulous in checking the load to prevent load shift, careful with his deliveries, friendly with all his customers and always on the go!

He has some advice to new drivers just starting out, “Always pay attention to your surroundings and the other vehicles, including other trucks on the road. Don’t trust that they won’t cut you off. “

Thank you again to the supportive management at Oak Harbor Freight Lines for giving me the opportunity to ride along with one of your best!

I’ll never stop being amazed by the variability of this industry, the complexity of the process and how hard you all work to make it look easy.

So many of us don’t realize the dedication of truck drivers to getting all we need, where we need it and on time.

So to the rest of the motoring public, from Jim and all the other hard working drivers out there – give them space on the roads.  Check out the No-Zone for more information on driving safe around trucks. Always remember that if you can’t see the driver in a mirror, the driver can’t see you.

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