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Truck driver from Hoquiam dies in log truck crash

By Jena Williams

We are saddened by the loss of another truck driver. We don’t know the details or if a seatbelt would have saved him, but please, in memory of 37-year-old Michael J. Webber, remember to always wear yours.

More details are here:

What’s your resolution?

By Jena Williams


Do you groan or get encouraged when someone asks about your New Year’s resolution? Do you make the same resolution each year only to forget all about it by about January 7?

Instead of the old standards like eat better, exercise more, work less, work more, finish projects, be a better friend, parent, spouse, etc., how about if we all agree to the same resolution and hold each other accountable to keeping it? The Washington State Patrol and your employer already require it. Have you guessed yet?

That’s right! Make your resolution to not text and drive! If you’ve already achieved this goal, then fantastic! But if you are one of those who have just gotten a little sneakier about how you do it, please consider going cold turkey with me on January 1.

Consider these reasons why:

What we learned from 9 people who died because of texting:

If you love someone, don’t text and drive:—101-s-after-sending-romantic-text-messages-to-boyfriend

It can wait. Take the pledge:

Have a happy and safe new year!

Photo: Bill Watterson’s famous Calvin and Hobbes comic strip

Heavy tarps getting you down?

By Jena Williams

The jolly ‘ol elf has got some ideas to make tarping easier on you and your back. Check out this fun interactive training:

Need more ideas for safe tarping?

Check out toolbox talks at

Truck driver killed when his semi was hit by another vehicle

By Jena Williams

Dale Weaver, a 59-year-old truck driver from Ohio won’t return home after his run to Washington. He was killed when the semi-tractor trailer he was driving burst into flames after being impacted by another vehicle. Our hearts go out to his family, friends and company.

Click here to read the account from the Tacoma News Tribune:

Slip, sliding away…

By Jena Williams

This is the time of year to think about not slip, sliding away! Instead let’s focus on traction and how to stay on your feet in various elements. Learn from Santa as he demonstrates tasks, footwear and the co-efficient of friction. Who knew Santa was a physics genius?

Prevent Slips Training Simulation:

Here’s more for your toolbox talks on slip, trip and fall prevention:

What does safe parking mean to you?

By Jena Williams

This time of year, most people think it’s finding a well-lit spot close to the mall entry. But if you’re a long-haul truck driver it’s more like finding somewhere legal to park so you can sleep where you won’t be robbed, killed or disturbed by prostitutes.

According to the 2013 Truck Parking Survey and Focus Group Results, the end of truck drivers’ shifts can be very stressful as they attempt to find a place to park for the night. Truck stops are often full and customer sites and city ordinances commonly prohibit trucks from parking overnight.

Of the 3,996 respondents to the survey, 39% stated that it often takes over an hour to find a place to park to take their mandated breaks. And during the past 12 months, 88% stated that they had to park somewhere that they didn’t feel safe during a mandatory rest break or during loading or unloading.

55% stated that they occasionally felt fatigued or unsafe because they had to keep driving when they couldn’t find a safe place to park.

One quote from the study was particularly telling “…Anytime I am out of hours and can’t find parking is dangerous. It’s a lose-lose situation. Park illegally or drive illegally. There is no legal solution.”

Most likely when you climb into bed at night, you feel safe, with no one to disturb you but your own family or pets. Imagine what it would be like to have to find a safe place to sleep each night… with the potential of being disturbed by a police citation or worse, someone who intends to harm you.

What can we do to make sleeping safer for the drivers who bring us everything we need?

2013 Truck Parking Survey and Focus Group Results:

To see or not to see

By Jena Williams

The other day, I passed a semi-truck and trailer stopped on the side of the road. The driver was out and nervously eyeing traffic while he checked his load. It was not an ideal place to stop and he was obviously concerned about the vehicles streaming by just feet away.

I’d like to take this opportunity to remind motorists to stay alert when there are trucks on the side of the road and in parking lots. Please watch out for the drivers and give them plenty of room.

Drivers, wear high-visibility clothing when outside your rig. We appreciate you and want to keep you safe!

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