By Jena Williams


Do you groan or get encouraged when someone asks about your New Year’s resolution? Do you make the same resolution each year only to forget all about it by about January 7?

Instead of the old standards like eat better, exercise more, work less, work more, finish projects, be a better friend, parent, spouse, etc., how about if we all agree to the same resolution and hold each other accountable to keeping it? The Washington State Patrol and your employer already require it. Have you guessed yet?

That’s right! Make your resolution to not text and drive! If you’ve already achieved this goal, then fantastic! But if you are one of those who have just gotten a little sneakier about how you do it, please consider going cold turkey with me on January 1.

Consider these reasons why:

What we learned from 9 people who died because of texting:

If you love someone, don’t text and drive:—101-s-after-sending-romantic-text-messages-to-boyfriend

It can wait. Take the pledge:

Have a happy and safe new year!

Photo: Bill Watterson’s famous Calvin and Hobbes comic strip