By Jena Williams

On Monday, December 16, a horrible collision closed southbound I-5 near Mounts Rd. Two hours later, one lane was finally reopened. That collision impacted many people and resulted in a six hour backup on the freeway.

People were impacted, but life will never be the same again for the friends and family of a truck driver who was killed. Through no fault of his own, 59-year-old Dale Weaver of Jamestown, Ohio lost his life.

The Washington State Department of Transportation’s Blog outlines what happened and who responded to care for the wounded, remove Mr. Weaver’s body, stabilize the cargo, process the crime scene (fatal collisions are investigated as crime scenes), clean up the mess and get everyone moving again.

It’s amazing to see the number of people that quickly work together, putting aside the painful emotions of dealing with the current tragedy to get us back to business as usual. It’s a harsh thing to admit that we must get back to business as usual, but hopefully in those long moments waiting to get moving again we have time to be grateful and also time to consider how we can impact safety on the roads.


News report on collision:

Things to consider keeping in your vehicle in case your 5 minute ride on I-5 becomes a 6 hour wait.

  • Protein bars or nuts.
  • Bottled water.
  • Medications that need to be taken at regular intervals.
  • Coat or blanket for all.
  • Well-rested and healthy driver.
  • Our patience.
  • A good book?

Our thoughts go out to Mr. Weaver’s family and friends. We appreciate the hard work and risks that truck drivers take each day out on the busy highways.