By Jena Williams


Our hope in developing the TIRES blog is to open up conversation with you, our readers, on topics of interest to the trucking community, especially as it relates to health and safety.

We truly believe that by combining our efforts, knowledge and expertise we can make a difference in the industry to make it safer and to keep our valuable workers on the job as long as possible.

Across the nation, the labor pool is aging with the average age in trucking being over 50. Finding and keeping capable workers is necessary to stay in business. Keeping them safe, healthy and on the job is our mutual goal.

So I hope you’ll join me in the discussion this year. But first, let’s review the top 5 blog articles as accessed by our readers in 2013:

First place: Surprisingly, this one was originally published March 5, 2012, Tire Sock” – an alternative to chains?

Second place: Published December 1, 2011, Santa Claus is coming to town…

Third place: Published January 14, 2013, In Memoriam

Fourth place: Published March 4, 2013 What’s March Madness got to do with trucking?

And finally in fifth place: Published January 4, 2013 Here’s your opportunity to make an impact

What topics do you want to discuss in 2014? Please respond in the comments below.