By Jena Williams

Leave more space for trucks

Memorial Day weekend unofficially marks that start of summer for many people. It seems the extra day off tends to be more associated with barbeques than the patriotism of soldiers who gave it all for our freedom. School is wrapping up and with it, and there’s a certain playfulness in the atmosphere as everyone looks forward to a break from their insane routines.

Traffic will be heavy today as people return from weekend getaways and local get-togethers. There will also be trucks on the road because delivering all we need is a 24/7 job. So be nice to the truck driver in the next lane. When traffic starts to bunch up, don’t cut in front of the truck just because there is a big space there. That space is there to keep them from squishing the vehicle in front of them during an emergency stop.

Also important is to remember the “No Zone.” Don’t linger around trucks in areas where you cannot be seen.

So this Memorial Day, remember our soldiers, remember loved ones that aren’t here this year. And on the roads be safe.

Check out these videos on YouTube for more info:

No Zones rap:

Smooth operator stopping demo:

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