By Jena Williams

Semi vs. minivan

Summer is almost here, which means driving with the top down, carloads of teens on break, families on vacation…in a word “traffic,” lots of it.

While others are having a good time, truck drivers are still working.

Talking to truck drivers reveals that one of the most stressful parts of their job is dealing with being cut off in heavy traffic. Why? Because if you are in a collision with a semi-truck, it likely won’t be a fender bender and you likely won’t walk away from it. The truck driver’s biggest concern is staying on high alert for the erratic behavior of other drivers to protect them from their own mistakes. So please don’t risk your life or make a driver’s stressful job any harder. Drive safely around trucks.

So enjoy your summer, but keep it safe. Remember that the truck driver in the next lane is bringing stuff you need to a store near you or possibly straight to your doorstep. Be kind to the driver as the driver is working hard to protect you as well.

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