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Test your tire chaining knowledge

By Jena Williams

Click photo to access tire chaining challenge.

Click photo to access tire chaining challenge.

You’ve got chains, but do you know how to use them? Prove it to yourself by testing your knowledge with this fun simulation. Compare the novice and professional drivers as they chain up their tires. See if you can find all 10 differences.

If you’ve been driving for a while, share your advice in the comments below to help newer drivers prepare for winter.

Now is also the time to inspect your chains before you find yourself on a snowy mountain pass. Here are tire chaining tips to get you started.

Tire chaining simulation:

Tips for hanging iron:

Tips for inspecting your chains:

Have you considered a company-wide safety fair?

By Jena Williams

Charlie's Produce Safety Fair

Charlie’s Produce Safety Fair

The company safety fair used to be a common occurrence, but has fallen off in popularity recently. After participating in the company-wide safety fair at Charlie’s Produce, we would highly recommend that you try your own. It was a great time and a fun way to engage everyone in the importance of safety!

Charlie’s Produce held the fair at its Seattle location and was joined by the Portland and Spokane warehouse safety groups and transportation managers. About 200 employees including drivers, warehouse and office workers attended. Lunch was provided and the safety booths handed out raffle tickets that could be entered for cool prizes like a $500 gift certificate to the Great Wolf Lodge or an Xbox 360.

The “Why I’m Safe at Work” board was a highlight to me. Each person was asked to bring a picture, illustration or just write why they work safe and all the reasons were hung on the board. I saw family and Seahawks to name a few. What a great reminder that we all have a good reason to go home safely each day.

We brought our Keep Trucking Safe training simulations and popcorn. Other booths had information on orthotics for work boots, occupational health and chiropractic care, insurance, workers’ compensation and preventing injuries, health and wellness. The Charlie’s Produce transportation group trained or retrained on safe tire chaining – just in time for the weather to change!

The company safety fair is one more way to show your employees that their safety is important.

Share your ideas in the comments below.

Finding motivation to exercise

By Jena Williams


Finding time and motivation to exercise is a struggle for most people. For those that sit all day at a computer or driving a truck, finding the motivation can be even more difficult. Newton’s first law of motion confirms this: An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion … This law is sometimes referred to as the “law of inertia.” Explains a lot, huh?

This infographic was recently published in The Washington Post. It shows what happens to a body that sits for too much of the day. Health issues and pains abound. Our bodies need to move. Just 15 minutes a day is all it takes.

Each of us is motivated differently. Below I’ve listed some links that have worked for others. See if any will work for you. Or if you have a success story, please share it with us in the comments.

15 minute exercises from Trucker to Trucker:

The Truckers Workout:

Healthy Trucker (This site has a ton of good info!):

Men’s Health:


Take a different turn this week

By Jena Williams


If you’re a truck driver, you probably shouldn’t go off your route, but you can take a different turn when it comes to your diet. Sorry, I didn’t mean to say the four letter D-word. Diet makes me think of starvation and celery. Even though the dictionary says it means what you eat. You could have a donut-centered diet or a bacon-centered diet and it would still be a diet…but I digress.

Back to the topic, what if you made the choice to improve your diet this week, not by starving or subsisting on celery, but by eating healthier foods? Is this making you think of the dreaded grilled chicken that nobody really wants to order, except when being “good” in front of witnesses? You’ll be glad to know that’s not what I mean either.

I’m thinking more along the lines of tasty, filling foods that you prep in advance but saves you time and cash along the way. Think whole foods, but yummy.

Here’s a recipe. Delicious, filling and good for you! And whether or not you have access to a microwave to heat it, the jalapeños make it warm in the “we’re getting to fall and I want a hot dish for lunch” way.

Chicken, Rice and Beans Goodness (ok, so I made up the name)


3 large chicken breasts or 2-3 cups of cooked chopped chicken

2 cups rice, makes about 4 cups cooked rice (any kind you like, although I prefer brown rice, the healthier option)

Dash salt

½ large onion

2 cans of whole beans, such as pinto, red, black or a combination

1 small can jalapeños

1 small can mild, diced green chilies

Small amount of olive oil

Avocado or guacamole (optional)


Season and bake the chicken. I baked with pepper, garlic salt and some olive oil. Remove from bones and chop it up. (Or start with 2-3 cups chopped, precooked chicken.)

Cook rice per package instructions. I use chicken broth in place of half of the water.

Chop half an onion.

Heat a little olive oil in a skillet on medium. Add a dash of salt, the chopped onion, jalapeños and/or green chilies. Cook and stir until onions are transparent.

Drain and rinse the canned beans. Add to onion mix. Add chopped chicken and rice, mix in and heat until warm, and it’s ready to eat!

This recipe makes about 8 large servings, so you can easily half the recipe and still have plenty. Store in individual serving size microwave-safe containers and freeze. Take one with you each day on your way to work. It’ll be thawed by lunch time to eat cold or you can microwave. You can add sliced avocado or pick up some single serving guacamole dip to add to the top. Yum!

Eating whole, non-processed foods will keep you full longer and you will notice that you have more energy and should feel better in general.

Use the comments to share your favorite, easy recipe.

Note: I used canned ingredients to make it quick and easy, but fresh jalapeños and peppers and fresh cooked beans can be used by the true purists!