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What did you bring?

By Jena Williams


For me, it’s usually pie. Sometimes I’d like to branch out, but now, it’s a tradition, so I bring the pie. Whether you are roasting the turkey, bringing the sweet potatoes or your special cranberry sauce, most families have traditional foods that Thanksgiving wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without. And the same people bring the same foods year after year.

Two topics come to mind as I write this blog. One is that truckers bring it all first. A trucker got up incredibly early to deliver pecans and pumpkin to my grocery store so that when I finally made my way in, it was there. Thank you truckers for bringing what I need to keep my family traditions and the memories that accompany them coming. I hope that we can demand a little less of you this week so that you are able to spend this Thanksgiving with your family and not out on the roads.

My second thought is that the holidays won’t be the same this year because we lost a family member. Maybe you did too. So this year, things will be a little different. Traditions will change, but I think I will hug family and friends that remain a little tighter. I hope you will treasure yours too. After all, it’s the people you are spending the time with that matter the most.

So truckers, thank you! And to those who aren’t, if you see a truck in the thick of holiday traffic, give that driver extra room. And say thanks if you get the opportunity.

Turkey, tradition and memories – trucks bring it.

Severe weather calls for appropriate footwear

By Jena Williams

Click image to try the simulation.

Click image to try the simulation.

We all want to prevent falls. Even slips without a fall can cause painful tweaks to backs, necks or knees, so it’s important to keep slip prevention on the front burner especially as the weather changes. Shine the spotlight on the topic with this fun simulation.

Change the driver’s footwear, task and environment to tackle topics like:

  • Appropriate, slip resistant footwear
  • Walking carefully instead of rushing
  • Cleaning up or reporting spills or debris
  • Reporting worn cab steps or potholes in the yard for maintenance

Employers should develop a process to prevent slips by dealing with icy conditions or water accumulation at work sites.

Bonus: Click for a truck driver’s winter survival kit

The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month

By Jena Williams

Veterans Day 2014

It was at this time, the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month in 1918 that the hostilities ended for World War I. At the time, WWI was regarded as the war to end all wars. Who would believe that just 23 years later, the US would officially enter the second World War?

Throughout our history brave men and women have been willing to give their lives to protect the American dream of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

I find the American soldier to be incongruent and a mystery really. Here is a person that gives up freedom to defend freedom. When a soldier enters the military, they essentially agree to become the property of the American government for four years. In essence they give up their liberty and agree to obey the orders of their commander. For four years, they give up the pursuit of happiness to allow others to sculpt them into the best soldier they can be. They give up time with their family and time with their friends. A soldier doesn’t have weekends. If it is required of them, they will even give up their lives. This they will give, for freedom for the rest of us.

I’m glad that Tuesday, we have the opportunity to honor the brave men and women who fought and died and those that fought and lived; carrying back wounds we can see and wounds that we can’t see. May we never forget to be grateful to you and to your families.

And to those of you that made the commitment, but have never seen action, you are just as worthy of appreciation. We are glad you have been kept safe and your willingness to serve is just as sacrificial. Never forget the value of your commitment.

We thank you veterans because we recognize that freedom has never been free.

The public is invited to attend many Veterans Day events, a schedule can be found here:

More on the history of Veterans Day can be found at US Department of Veterans Affairs:

If you are a veteran transitioning to civilian life, we hope you’ll consider a career as a professional truck driver.

More info at Troops to Truckers:

Info from FMCSA:

Many trucking companies fast-track veterans to employees.

Rain, rain, go away!

By Jena Williams


It looks like the rain isn’t going anywhere for a long while here in western Washington.

This morning a colleague relayed her commute into work to me – pouring rain, everyone driving crazy fast, cutting off trucks and each other; in other words, driving too fast for conditions. I get that Washingtonians feel impervious to rain and pride themselves on the idea that sheets of rain will not affect their driving.

I wish that were true. The fact of the matter is that wet roads have less traction as confirmed by the Federal Highway Administration and your own common sense. This means that unless you are a member of the Fast and Furious crew and have the help of Hollywood to defy the laws of nature, you will need extra stopping time.

So slow down and give trucks and yourself extra room to stop. Let’s all keep it safe out there.