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Great safety directors come from companies of all sizes

By Jena Williams

Will Jones, Country Green Turf Farms

Will Jones, Country Green Turf Farms

If you assume the Safety Director of the Year must manage hundreds of drivers, think again! Some wear many hats in their company but still keep safety at the top of their list. Click here to read about Will Jones, the Washington Trucking Associations’ Safety Professional of the Year for 2015.

How can we best show our appreciation?

By Jena Williams

It’s nearly the middle of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week and I’m still struggling with how to say thanks to the people that are a vital link in bringing all the stuff we need. From the food we eat and the clothes we wear to even the cars we drive, truck drivers bring it all.


How can I say thanks? For starters, I won’t cut you off in traffic. I’ll leave that big space in front of you alone because I know you need it to stop. Also, I’ll pay attention when I’m merging so you don’t have to slow down to let me in. And I’ll move over so you can merge or switch lanes easily. My car can move a lot easier than your big truck and trailer. I won’t tail you or pass you on the right or ride in your blind spots. I’ll remember that if I can’t see you in your mirrors you can’t see me.

I’d like to say that when I see you unloading behind my favorite store I’d say thanks but since you’re likely delivering before I even roll out of bed, that’ll be pretty hard. So I’ll say thanks here.  I appreciate you and the long and early hours that you work.

What are some of the things we as a community can to show we appreciate you? Please share in the comments what else we can do to make your job just a little easier.

More information from the ATA on sharing the road with trucks:

We’ve lost a good friend and mentor

By Jena Williams

Rick Norton helping us  test equipment and capture photos at Sound Delivery Service in 2011.

Rick Norton guiding us as as we tested equipment during a photo shoot at Sound Delivery Service in 2011.

We are so saddened to lose our friend Rick Norton Jr., CDS who passed away September 4, 2015. Rick has been a driving force for the TIRES project and a member of the TIRES steering committee since 2011. Rick never missed a meeting. His concern for trucking industry workers was evident and he gladly took the time to share his knowledge of the industry, especially flatbed trucking.

As I was cleaning off my desk yesterday I found 4 years’ worth of email gems from him as he taught this new kid all the ins and outs of the industry. Each one was thorough and well thought out. He gladly relayed stories about injuries sustained and lessons learned from his years of experience. He never wanted to see anyone hurt and was excited to get the information out there to protect others. Each email contains so much important information that I’m sure I’ll keep them as long as we have the TIRES project.

Physically, Rick may be gone, but because he cared, workers all over the world will be safer at work. For myself, I sure will miss him and his great smile.

Link to Rick’s obituary: