Four truck drivers died while on the job in Washington State during 2015.

We at send our deepest condolences to the family and friends of the truckers we lost in 2015. We believe every worker deserves to go home safe each night.  It is always hard to find the right words to talk about losing members of our community. These men and women worked to provide for their families and transport the goods that keep America strong. We truly appreciate and respect the hard work trucking professionals do each day. We hope that by keeping safety as part of the daily conversation, we can contribute to the end of trucking-related deaths in Washington State.

Below we have listed each truck driver in order of date of death. If we could find an obituary, it is included. Please use the comments to pay your respects to these drivers or drivers you know that have died on the job.

Gone too soon are:

Joseph Haunreiter, 83, Log Truck Driver

Died: June 26, 2015

Mr. Haunreiter died when his log truck left a state highway and crashed.

Katherine Jones, 53, Truck Driver

Died: July 15, 2015

Ms. Jones was crossing an interstate highway on-foot attempting to assist the occupants of a vehicle involved in a crash, when she was stuck by a passing motor vehicle.

Trevor Bennett, 22, Truck Driver

Died: August 18, 2015

Mr. Bennett died when his semi-truck left a roadway and crashed.

Ross Johnson, 56. Truck Driver

Died: October, 13, 2015

Mr. Johnson was walking across a truck yard at night when he was struck by a yard hostler.


Thank you to Randy Clark and the Washington State Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program for providing the data.