Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 10.40.28 AMA 36-year-old, local flatbed driver suffered a broken ankle when he lost hold of a grab handle and slipped down the steps from his tractor’s catwalk.


The incident occurred as the driver prepared to haul a load of heavy construction equipment.


He had just connected his tractor to a lowboy trailer, and was starting the required pre- trip vehicle safety inspection. After checking the air hoses and electrical connectors at the rear of the cab, the driver turned to climb down from the catwalk using steps attached to a side-mounted fuel tank.


He clamped his hand around a grab handle on the headache rack to support himself down the steps, but the handle’s odd mounting location broke his grasp. Unable to maintain 3- points of contact, the driver slipped, and his foot became trapped in the steps. X-rays of his swollen right ankle revealed a fractured bone. The injury resulted in direct costs of over $26,000 and left the driver and his employer unsure about his return to work.

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