SHIP Grant Program: Safety & Health Investment Projects

Do you have an idea for a unique best practice or safety product that can prevent workplace injuries to truck drivers or help injured drivers return to work sooner? Let the Washington State’s Labor & Industries Safety and Health Investment Projects (SHIP) grant program help with funding. The SHIP program is accepting applications for safety and health grants until September 21, 2018, and return-to-work grants until further notice. Return-to-work grants, which focus on getting injured employees back to work to prevent long-term disability, are in special demand and have no monetary caps.

SHIP grants have provided funding for a wide range of multi-industry worker safety products including manuals, videos, online trainings, and mobile apps. In recent years, SHIP safety and health grants have funded trucking-specific ergonomic studies of the impacts of air-suspension truck seats and anti-vibration sleeper mattresses on truck drivers’ health and performance. Other projects have developed a training video for safe practices in log truck loading and operation, and designed a worker-to-worker safe driver training program.

Learn more about SHIP-funded products and the grant application process here, or download the SHIP grant program brochure.

SHIP program contact info:   Phone: 360-902-5588    Email: