Disasters Happen, National Preparedness Month 2018

News headlines remind us every day about the importance of being prepared for hazards such as wildfires, power outages, diseases, and acts of violence. National Preparedness Month, observed each September, encourages Americans to become prepared for emergencies in their homes, businesses, schools, and communities.

Trucking companies understand that drivers can find themselves in an emergency situation on the road at any moment. Being prepared can minimize the impacts of an emergency on your drivers and business operations.

The best way to be prepared is having an emergency action plan in your company’s safety program. In Washington State, companies are required to have employee emergency plans and fire prevention plans.

Plans must provide knowledge, skill training, and resources needed to respond appropriately to emergencies. Your plan should be tailored to the emergencies most likely to occur in company buildings or on the road.

Your plan can also include actions that help employees and their families deal with stress during or after a traumatic emergency event.

Learn more about National Preparedness Month from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Washington State  workplace safety rules for employee emergency plans and fire prevention plans.

Safety plan resources from KeepTruckingSafe.org.