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L&I’s FACE Program Releases Work-Related Fatalities Report for 2018

The Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) program recently released their Work-Related Fatalities Report for 2018. In 2018, 76 workers died on the job in traumatic incidents. The industry with the highest fatalities was Transportation and Warehousing with 13 fatalities. In this industry, 6 heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers died on the job, 10 fewer than in 2017. The report describes the incidents and provides resources to prevent other similar tragedies.

FACE is part of the Safety and Health Assessment and Research for Prevention (SHARP) program within the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries. FACE tracks, investigates, and distributes information about work-related fatal injuries in many industries, including trucking.

The Champions for 2019!

The competition was explosive at the Washington Trucking Associations’ Truck and Step Van Driving Championships on June 22nd in Tacoma. The champions will go to the national event, August 14-17, 2019, in Pittsburgh, PA. Over 430 of the nation’s best and safest drivers will be competing in front of thousands of fans for top recognition in eight classes. The event has a long history – going back to 1937 when it was the National Truck Roadeo. All events are free to observers so if you want an excuse to visit Pittsburgh, here’s your chance to support our drivers.

Washington’s list of champions:

Grand Champion: Gary Herrygers, The Boeing Company


Rookie of the Year: Danny Ross, Safeway


Pre-trip: David Turley, Old Dominion Freight Line


And for the events:

Class/Place Driver Company
3 Axle
1st Chris Poynor XPO Logistics
2nd Robert Ludington Reddaway
3rd Fabien Boucher The Boeing Company
4 Axle
1st Tim Davis Peninsula Truck Lines
2nd Raymond Kerr Reddaway
3rd Daniel Crawford Fed Ex Freight
5 Axle
1st Gary Herrygers The Boeing Company
2nd Arlie Fase Old Dominion Freight Line
3rd Jack Lakey Old Dominion Freight Line
1st David Turley Old Dominion Freight Line
2nd Jeffrey Maas The Boeing Company
3rd Joshua Hicks Old Dominion Freight Line
1st Russell Miller Safeway
2nd Robert Yun The Boeing Company
3rd Nicholas Barrett Old Dominion Freight Line
1st Cedric Pack Fed Ex Freight
2nd Joshua Pabst Fed Ex Ground
3rd Pete Colantes Fed Ex Express
1st Clint Anderson Fed Ex Express
2nd Julie Young Reddaway
3rd Roman Kilinkardis Fed Ex Freight
1st Michael Mygatt The Boeing Company
2nd Victor Skoglund Fed Ex Freight
3rd Danny Ross Safeway
1st David Sutton Oak Harbor Freight Lines
2nd David Faust Old Dominion Freight Line
3rd Russell Ramirez Old Dominion Freight Line