Crime Prevention Month takes place each October to raise awareness of issues such as victimization and the need for volunteers to create safer, more caring communities. The annual observance began in 1984 as an effort of the National Crime Prevention Council to unite government agencies, civic groups, schools, businesses, and youth organizations to educate the public about crime prevention issues.

Truck Drivers Shouldn’t Be Victims

Driving, parking, and working alone in unfamiliar and isolated places puts truck drivers at risk of becoming targets of robberies and assaults. Such crimes can result in serious physical and emotional injuries and fatalities and impact companies’ retention and ability to meet their customers’ needs.  Female drivers are at a higher risk of violent crimes such as rape and having their trucks vandalized. Many truck drivers worry about their personal safety and feel they are alone in having to protect themselves. Crime Prevention Month provides an opportunity to show your drivers that you care about their safety. Consider holding a safety meeting to talk about crime prevention topics and truck drivers’ concerns. Follow up by providing education, training, and resources that can help protect your drivers from becoming victims of a crime.

Helpful tips:

Before a pick-up or delivery

  • Look out for suspicious people loitering around your pick-up and delivery areas.
  • Be alert to vehicles that may be following you. Write down a description of the vehicle and the license plate number and a description of the people in the vehicle.
  • Put a placard on the vehicle that states that the driver carries no money.

At the delivery site

  • Ask that a manager or an employee be present until you are finished with your delivery.
  • Make sure that there is proper lighting where you park or work.
  • Try to make the delivery when other drivers are around.

At parking lots and rest areas

  • Don’t park in isolated places to do paperwork or to take breaks.
  • Keep vehicle doors locked at all times.
  • Look around the cab and trailer before entering.
  • Always have a cell phone ready and call 911 if you ever feel threatened or see something suspicious.

If you are robbed

  • Remain calm, follow the suspect’s instructions, and assume they are armed.
  • Try to remember a good description of the suspect(s), their vehicle, direction of travel, weapon used, and anything they said.
  • Call 911 as soon as you are safe.
  • Protect any evidence and gather witnesses until police arrive.

Helpful resources

Personal safety tips for truck drivers

Preventing cargo theft

Washington State Department of Labor & Industries resources for crime victims & workplace violence prevention

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