Trucking Safety Development Tool

The Trucking Injury Reduction Emphasis (TIRES) project is coming to a final stop after 16-years of blazing new trails in trucking safety research, hazard and injury identification, digitally-mediated education and training, and online safety program development. The project designed a wide variety of free products to keep truck drivers, diesel mechanics, loading dock workers, and other employees safe on the job. All of our products will continue to be available on our website

Team Effort

Of course, TIRES could not have reached its goals without our many dedicated team members from the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries Safety & Health Assessment & Research for Prevention (SHARP) program who conducted research, authored publications, created trainings, performed outreach, and maintained our website. We also owe a huge debt of gratitude to our 12-member steering committee. This multi-sector group of Washington State trucking safety experts from business, labor, insurance, and academia advised us in almost every aspect of the project from start to finish. Their involvement included answering questions, attending meetings, reviewing tip sheets, testing simulations, arranging site visits, and much more. We benefited greatly from their experience, guidance, and volunteer service, and we will reflect on our collaboration with deep appreciation. In addition, TIRES is grateful for the support we received from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) / National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) grant U60 OH008487.

Roads Ahead

As TIRES draws to a close, we know that improving safety for trucking industry workers will remain an ongoing critical mission. There will always be a need for better ways to keep trucking safe because the ever-evolving mix of technology, people, and environments will change how, where, why, and when hazards, risks, and injuries occur. This makes it especially crucial to enhance our ability to identify and assess hazards and risks across different trucking occupations, sectors, and job activities to maximize limited resources and to better focus prevention efforts. Achieving this will require us all to continue supporting new breakthroughs in injury research and surveillance methods, government and business collaboration, education and training, local and national outreach, and safety program development.

TIRES Safety Program Development Tool

We’d also like to say thank you and goodbye by presenting you with our final product: the online TIRES Safety Program Development Tool. This first-of-its-kind tool enables trucking companies to create safety programs tailored to their specific mix of vehicles, equipment, and work environments.

The Challenge

Trucking has some of the highest injury rates among all industries. Having a company safety program is the best way to prevent injuries. Not having one tops workplace safety rule violations for Washington State trucking companies. Injury prevention and rule compliance are harder for small to mid-sized companies with limited safety management resources.

The Response

The TIRES Safety Program Development Tool is the result of a multi-year collaboration between project staff, our steering committee of safety experts, and software developers. The tool inputs user information to create a customized safety program that covers these areas:

  • Management leadership and commitment
  • Employee involvement and participation
  • Hazard identification and assessment
  • Hazard prevention and control
  • Education and training
  • Customer / multi-employer site safety
  • Program monitoring and improvement

Company tests indicated that users enjoyed the tool’s simple features. All that’s needed is a Google Chrome internet browser, a printer, and a few minutes to type some company information. The tool does the rest. The user’s final download includes safety policies, hazard and injury reporting forms, PPE guidance, a training plan, and much more. Users can also update their safety program at any time.

The TIRES Safety Program Development Tool is a breakthrough in using web technology to deploy safety resources to trucking companies that need them. Nearly any short-haul and regional trucking company in Washington State can use the tool. You can also help us to improve the tool by completing the user evaluation questionnaire at this link:

The Impact and Your Participation

For more information and resources, visit or contact SHARP’s TIRES staff at (888) 667-4277. L&I’s Consultation Program also offers confidential, free advice and assistance to Washington businesses that can help you find and fix hazards in your workplace and strengthen your safety program.

Thanks again for riding with us. We wish you all the best. Keep trucking safe!