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The Champions for 2019!

The competition was explosive at the Washington Trucking Associations’ Truck and Step Van Driving Championships on June 22nd in Tacoma. The champions will go to the national event, August 14-17, 2019, in Pittsburgh, PA. Over 430 of the nation’s best and safest drivers will be competing in front of thousands of fans for top recognition in eight classes. The event has a long history – going back to 1937 when it was the National Truck Roadeo. All events are free to observers so if you want an excuse to visit Pittsburgh, here’s your chance to support our drivers.

Washington’s list of champions:

Grand Champion: Gary Herrygers, The Boeing Company


Rookie of the Year: Danny Ross, Safeway


Pre-trip: David Turley, Old Dominion Freight Line


And for the events:

Class/Place Driver Company
3 Axle
1st Chris Poynor XPO Logistics
2nd Robert Ludington Reddaway
3rd Fabien Boucher The Boeing Company
4 Axle
1st Tim Davis Peninsula Truck Lines
2nd Raymond Kerr Reddaway
3rd Daniel Crawford Fed Ex Freight
5 Axle
1st Gary Herrygers The Boeing Company
2nd Arlie Fase Old Dominion Freight Line
3rd Jack Lakey Old Dominion Freight Line
1st David Turley Old Dominion Freight Line
2nd Jeffrey Maas The Boeing Company
3rd Joshua Hicks Old Dominion Freight Line
1st Russell Miller Safeway
2nd Robert Yun The Boeing Company
3rd Nicholas Barrett Old Dominion Freight Line
1st Cedric Pack Fed Ex Freight
2nd Joshua Pabst Fed Ex Ground
3rd Pete Colantes Fed Ex Express
1st Clint Anderson Fed Ex Express
2nd Julie Young Reddaway
3rd Roman Kilinkardis Fed Ex Freight
1st Michael Mygatt The Boeing Company
2nd Victor Skoglund Fed Ex Freight
3rd Danny Ross Safeway
1st David Sutton Oak Harbor Freight Lines
2nd David Faust Old Dominion Freight Line
3rd Russell Ramirez Old Dominion Freight Line

CVSA Seeking Nominees for 2019 International Driver Excellence Award

International Driver Excellence AwardWant to show appreciation for a truck driver whose career excellence in safety and compliance has consistently outshined the rest? Then nominate them for the 2019 International Driver Excellence Award (IDEA) from the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA). The prestigious annual award recognizes drivers who “go above and beyond the performance of their duties as a commercial vehicle driver, distinguishing themselves conspicuously and beyond the call of duty through the achievement of safe operation and compliance carried out with evident distinction for an extended period of time.”

After selection by the CVSA Board of Directors, the winner will receive their award at the 2019 CVSA Workshop in St. Louis, Missouri, on April 1. The award includes a crystal trophy, $2,500, all expenses paid trip to Portland, and international publicity through the CVSA’s “Guardian” magazine, website, social media, and other forms of communication.

Get your nominations in before Friday, December 14, 2018. To qualify, nominees must meet at least the following criteria:

  • At least 25 cumulative years of crash-free driving in a commercial motor vehicle.
  • No felony convictions.
  • No safety-related driving suspensions in the past three years.
  • No driver violations in past three years, excluding form and manner violations.

Get more details and nomination applications here.

Safe Fleets, Safe Drivers – Here’s to the best of 2018

Captain Tom Foster of the Washington State Patrol, Frank Riordan, President of Washington Trucking Associations, Tammi Elliot for Walmart

Walmart Transportation, the Grand Champion, receiving their award.
From left to right: Captain Tom Foster of the Washington State Patrol, Frank Riordan, President of Washington Trucking Associations, Tammi Elliot for Walmart Transportation

Better injury rates and lower worker’s compensation costs aren’t the only thing Washington companies and drivers earn by working safe. They also get noticed! Each year awards for excellence are presented to winning fleets and drivers at the Day with the Winners. Plaques are provided by the Washington State Patrol in partnership with the Washington Trucking Associations and Great West Casualty.

Fleet awards recognize companies for their safety record and for achieving excellence during a 12 month period of operating commercial vehicles.

This year’s winning fleets are:

Ludtke Pacific Trucking Inc. for Common Carrier under 5 million miles

Oak Harbor Freight Lines for Common Carrier over 5 million miles

Central Washington Asphalt Inc. for Dump Truck Conference

Pepsi Northwest Beverages, LLC. for Private Carrier under 5 million miles

Walmart Transportation for Private Carrier over 5 million miles

Mitchell Bros Truck Line, Inc. for Intermodal Conference


Grand Champion for Fleet of the Year for 2018 is Walmart Transportation

These drivers are recognized for maintaining outstanding safety records during their driving careers. They are judged based on years in the industry, total number of miles driven, preventable accidents, moving violations, community involvement and other activities of the nominee.

Calvin Phillips, Central Washington Asphalt Inc. – Dump Truck Conference

Victor Cuellar, Ludtke Pacific Trucking Inc. – Common Carrier Conference

Russell Miller, Safeway – Private Carrier Conference

Safety Professional of the Year for 2018 is Jason McFadden, Ludtke Pacific Trucking, Inc.

Congratulations to all the individual drivers and companies that make safety a priority. We appreciate you!


The Champions for 2018!

Darrell Shelton

Darrell Shelton, 2018 Grand Champion (photo courtesy Washington Trucking Associations, corrected 8/3/2018, 4:27 pm)


Washington Trucking Associations Truck and Step Van Driving Championships occurred June 23. Our champions will proceed to the national event, August 15-18, 2018 in Columbus, OH. Both events are free to observers so if you want an excuse to visit Ohio, here’s your chance to support Washington’s winning drivers.

Grand Champion and Pre-trip:
Darrell Shelton, FedEx Freight

Rookie of the Year: Keith Moorman, Old Dominion Freight Line

And now for the event winners:




3 Axle
1st Tim Davis Peninsula Truck Lines, Inc.
2nd Chris Poynor XPO Logistics
3rd Robert Ludington Reddaway
4 Axle
1st Keith Moorman Old Dominion Freight Line
2nd Naim Mesan Old Dominion Freight Line
3rd Aaron Dent FedEx Freight
5 Axle
1st Victor Skoglund FedEx Freight
2nd Brian Brager Reddaway
3rd Robert Ness Safeway
1st Mike Mygatt The Boeing Co.
2nd Greg Unseth Safeway
3rd David Turley Old Dominion Freight Line
1st Roy Garcia Peninsula Truck Lines, Inc.
2nd Linda Nodland Ryder
3rd Gregory Luke Carlile
1st Clint Anderson FedEx Express
2nd Cedric Pack FedEx Freight
3rd Jamie Mason FedEx Ground
1st Lance Anderson Columbia Distributing
2nd Jason Tschosik The Odom Corporation
3rd Bradley Medlock The Odom Corporation
1st Russ Miller Safeway
2nd Chris Bates Mission Support Alliance
3rd Edwin Jeffries Safeway
1st Darrell Shelton Fed Ex Freight
2nd Josh Jenkins Peninsula Truck Lines, Inc.
3rd Johnny Malone Safeway

Congratulations to all the winners!

More information on the 2018 ATA National Truck Driving Championships & National Step Van Driving Championships.




A Tribute to the Driver of the Year


By: Jena Cole

Joe Lee Brown

At the Day with the Winners event hosted by the Washington Trucking Associations, Joe Brown was recognized as the 2016 Common Carrier Driver of the Year.

According to Donna Hall, CDS, safety director for Dedicated Farms, LLC, Joe’s dedication to safety developed in the coal mines of Washington State before he became a truck driver. This dedication carried over into all he did – his 6 years of driving, with 2 years for Dedicated Farms, LLC, were accident-free. Ms. Hall shared that on May 14, 2017, he “died a hero.” The California Highway Patrol reported it appeared when Joe realized he was having a medical emergency; he pulled his truck to the side of the freeway where he passed away still buckled in his seatbelt. In his last moments, his concern was for others.

Ms. Hall shared some of the secrets to Joe’s success, “Safety was of the utmost importance to him. His truck was always above clean and in excellent working order. He never complained and if he saw a problem he let us know immediately in a respectful way, always offering a solution.”

Thank you, Mr. Brown for your hard work and dedication to safety. Our condolences to your friends, family and colleagues at Dedicated Farms LLC.

A Day With The Winners

By Ace Guerra


From left to right:Jim Tutton, Vice President, Washington State Trucking Associations, Chief John Batiste, Washington State Patrol, Phil Martin, Vehicle Safety, Foster Farms, Kevin Skow, VP Safety, Great West Casualty, Photo courtesy of the WTA

Every year Washington Trucking Associations (WTA) puts on an award ceremony to honor those companies with outstanding safety records. This is a fun family event that took place at the Tacoma Country Club. Plaques for winning fleets are provided by the Washington State Patrol in partnership with the Washington Trucking Associations and Great West Casualty in partnership with the American Trucking Associations. Along with awards, this event is filled with fun, great food and a clear message that safety is important in trucking.


These awards are to recognize companies for their outstanding safety and for achieving excellence during a 12 month period of operating commercial vehicles.

The awards were presented as follows:

  • Common Carrier over 5 million miles – Oak Harbor Freight Lines
  • Common Carrier under 5 million miles – Ludtke Pacific Trucking Inc.
  • Private Carrier over 5 million miles- Foster Farms
  • Dump Truck conference– Central Washington Asphalt Inc.
  • Supplier Conference – Associated Petroleum
  • Intermodal Conference – Mitchell Bros Truck Lines



These drivers are being recognized for their outstanding safety record during their driving career. They are judged based on years in the industry, total number of miles driven, preventable accidents, moving violations, community involvement and other outstanding activities of the nominee.

The awards were presented as follows:

  • Private Carriers Conference – Max Davidson – Providence Health and Services
  • Common Carrier – Joe Brown – Dedicated Farms
  • Movers Conference – Vladimir Pavlovets – Lile International Co.
  • Suppliers Conference – Michael Jolly – Associated Petroleum.
  • Dump Truck Conference – Shanon Nelson– Central Washington Asphalt Inc.


Safety Professional of the Year 

  • 2016 Safety Professional of the Year is awarded to Michael Jason Thompson with Hermann Bros Logging and Construction Inc.


Grand Champion of the Year

  • A big shout out to Foster Farms for receiving the Grand Champion award for fleet of the year.


Congratulations to all individual drivers and companies for making safety a priority. Not only do they deliver all of our goods but they go above and beyond to make sure everyone is safe and that all drivers return home safe to their loved ones. Congratulations again!

National Truck Driving Championship Winner!

Chris PoynorHe’s done it again!


We are pleased to announce that Chris Poynor won FIRST PLACE at Nationals in the Twins division.  His achievement is particularly impressive since it’s his 2nd year straight winning. We are so proud!


Washington state’s nine winners were placed high enough to place 2nd in the team awards.


(Source Susan Quint  from Washington Trucking Assns & WTA Services, Inc.)

James Maltby Recognized with Patriotic Employer Award

By Jena Williams

Jim Maltby (left) is presented the Patriotic Employer Award by Gregg Bergstrom.

Jim Maltby (left) is presented the Patriotic Employer Award by Gregg Bergstrom.

The National Guard and military reserves are vital to the security or our nation. But as many reserve or guard soldiers will tell you, it can be tricky to schedule your day job around military service weekends. Sometimes those weekends can last 4 days; sometimes you can get called to active duty for a month or more. Understandably, this can make scheduling difficult for employers as well.

You might be thinking, “Isn’t it the law to allow employees to serve and isn’t their job protected?” The short answer to these questions is yes and yes. However, allowing and supporting do not mean the same thing. An employer that proactively supports the dedication of citizen soldiers is greatly appreciated.

James (Jim) Maltby, Director of Health, Safety, Security & Environment (HSSE) at Lynden Incorporated, the parent company over all the Lynden companies, is one such employer. Jim was recently recognized by the Office of the Secretary of Defense as a Patriotic Employer. This award recognizes employers that give high levels of support to their employees who are part of America’s National Guard or military reserves.

Jim was nominated for the award by Gregg Bergstrom, the Safety Director of Lynden Air Freight Inc. Gregg is in the Army Reserves and said he appreciates the times when he had last minute or unexpected orders and Jim’s willingness to work with him on those. Gregg said, “Jim always asks what he can do to help and goes out of his way to support you so that you don’t have to worry about your regular work when you are gone.”

As a veteran of the Air Force with 12 years of service, Jim believes former military to be some of the best trained and hardest workers out there. He and the Lynden family of companies encourage former military to become truck drivers through the Troops to Truckers program and stay involved in events that support the troops.

Thank you Jim for your support of your employees’ service in the armed forces.


More about Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve:

More information on Troops to Truckers:

When safety is a lifelong achievement

by Jena Williams

Mike Southards, Safety Director of Washington Trucking Associations

Mike Southards, Safety Director of Washington Trucking Associations

Because Mike Southards is a modest man, he did his best to refuse me an interview. I persisted. The Washington Trucking Associations (WTA) recently honored him with The Lifetime Achievement Award for Safety.

Years ago, Mike helped craft the award and determine its requirements so he claims he doesn’t qualify – that he was only doing his job, not doing anything extra like the other recipients.

Mike recalled former honoree Dave Kerns for his work training teens on visibility (or lack of) around trucks. Dave used to take a Haney big rig out to Yakima high schools, park a personal vehicle beside it and have the students climb in the truck to see how little there was to see. In many respects, Dave introduced the “No Zone Training” that is now known nationally. I wonder how many collisions were prevented and lives were saved by Dave’s work? Even though it is hard to quantify the impact on the lives of those teens, I’m sure most will agree that it was time well spent.

Mike described the efforts of Dennis Morgan to promote safety training from the North American Transportation Management Institute (NATMI).  He was the first to attain their Certified Director of Safety (CDS).

He remembered Jack Morris of Great West Casualty Co. and his volunteer work teaching and supporting safety classes from NATMI.  Jack willingly presented safety to anyone who needed a speaker or presenter, whether or not they were clients. Jack’s career has been spent molding the safety directors who follow in his footsteps.

You see, the impacts of improving safety are often hard to quantify. Counting injuries that don’t happen and deaths that don’t occur is not the same as counting widgets sold. Yet without healthy trucking workers, widgets can’t get from point A to point B. I’m glad we are honoring those who have dedicated their lives to keeping these workers safe.

When Mike joined the WTA as Safety Director in 1999, he, like the others, committed himself to improving the safety, and thereby the profitability, of the trucking industry. He may think he was just doing his job, but the impacts of his commitment to safety are widespread.

Mike has had a big impact – in 2002, he worked alongside others in the WTA to protect the motoring public and carriers from the liability of an impaired driver by strengthening rules surrounding positive drug or alcohol tests (See Chapter 272 pg. 1260). In 2006, they proposed and attained legislation to maintain fairness in the industry and protect the motoring public by removing carriers that break the rules that everyone else abides by (See Chapter 327, pg. 1498). In 2007, Mike and the WTA worked to improve the training required to become a professional truck driver and hold a CDL. As Mike noted, no one can learn enough to earn a CDL in 8 hours. Drivers need to be trained well so they don’t find themselves in situations they aren’t prepared to handle (See Chapter 419 , pg. 1941). These are just a few examples of Mike’s commitment to safety.

Additionally, Mike has worked to create a relationship between the trucking industry and the Washington State Patrol Commercial Vehicles Unit that is unparalleled in any other state. There is an open-door policy between the two where the Commercial Vehicles Division Chief gives out his card to those in the industry and tells them to call with questions or concerns. Ask around and you’ll see this doesn’t happen in other states – which is why Chief Batiste awarded Mike the coveted “Chief’s Coin” twice for his contribution to this relationship.

Through Mike’s outgoing personality and gift for remembering faces, names, and details about people, he brings the local industry safety people together. Curt Burhenn, WTAs’ Safety Management Council Chairman shared that Mike knows EVERYONE in the industry and that Mike is a walking-talking Federal Regulations book. “He’s like the internet, only a phone call away. If Mike hears you have a problem you can’t figure out, he’ll put you in touch with someone who just went through it.” Mike has a way of brightening the gloomy environment and stressful atmosphere that sometimes surrounds safety professionals.

So, thank you Dave Kerns, Jack Morris, Dennis Morgan, Mike Southards and all the other leaders in safety who have invested your time and talents in making the trucking industry safe. It might not be the same as counting widgets, but you are making a difference to each and every one of us that goes home safe.

Great safety directors come from companies of all sizes

By Jena Williams

Will Jones, Country Green Turf Farms

Will Jones, Country Green Turf Farms

If you assume the Safety Director of the Year must manage hundreds of drivers, think again! Some wear many hats in their company but still keep safety at the top of their list. Click here to read about Will Jones, the Washington Trucking Associations’ Safety Professional of the Year for 2015.