If 20/20 means good vision, then why not envision 2020 as the year that sees your workplace safety program become better than ever? Ring it in by making a resolution to revitalize your safety program by setting your sights high. Reflect on past and present challenges to see where your safety program needs improvement, then set new goals that bring it to the next level.

That said, everyone knows how New Year’s resolutions go: we set lofty goals and soon lose interest in them, putting them aside for later, if ever. But being resolved to improve your safety program is different because your employees depend on it. It requires patience and commitment, not giving up on your vision when you don’t see fast results. Here are a few tips to help make your resolution stick:

  • Set a few small goals. Having big goals or too many can be hard to implement, start with a few smaller ones that are attainable.
  • Plan ahead for success. Involve your entire workforce. Ask for information on how to improve, line up resources, and schedule deadlines in preparation to achieve your mutual goal of a safer company.
  • Anticipate problems and learn from mistakes. Even the best-made plans run into unexpected problems. When things go wrong, don’t despair, take it as a lesson to improve your program.
  • Celebrate success. A safety program’s success requires full employee participation, so celebrate achievements together to reward and motivate teamwork. Plan company and family fun days, gifts and giveaways, barbecues or breakfasts to show your appreciation.

Whatever your goals and plans are for the New Year, we’ll cheer you on in getting them accomplished. Check our website for safety training material like posters, true stories, and tip sheets. Feel free to print and use them around your workplace. Our main goal is to see everyone return home safe to their loved ones. Make 2020 injury free!


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