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L&I’s FACE Program Releases Work-Related Fatalities Report for 2018

The Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) program recently released their Work-Related Fatalities Report for 2018. In 2018, 76 workers died on the job in traumatic incidents. The industry with the highest fatalities was Transportation and Warehousing with 13 fatalities. In this industry, 6 heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers died on the job, 10 fewer than in 2017. The report describes the incidents and provides resources to prevent other similar tragedies.

FACE is part of the Safety and Health Assessment and Research for Prevention (SHARP) program within the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries. FACE tracks, investigates, and distributes information about work-related fatal injuries in many industries, including trucking.

New report examines injuries in trucking for prevention

By Jena Williams

Trucking Industry Report

The researchers at Keep Trucking Safe just released a report called Trucking Industry: Examining Injuries for Prevention, Washington State, 2006-2012.

Usually injury prevention efforts are claim count focused. Although claim count is important, often more severe, higher cost injuries may be a more valuable priority for prevention activities. In response to this need, the researches used a new method to analyze Washington State Department of Labor & Industries workers’ compensation data to help employers and industry experts in determining where to focus limited injury prevention budgets.

For each of 6 different trucking sectors, the injuries are ranked using an average of:

1) The most costly in terms of medical cost.

2) The highest number of workers’ compensation claims.

3) The highest time-loss by injury type and source reported to the program. Injuries are ranked by type and source.

The report also includes information on fatalities and injury prevention tips.

Access the report here: